PARtonic Tomography Of Nucleon Software

Table of Contents


This tutorial is for building PARTONS on Mac OS. It was tested on Sierra.

Unfortunately, %PARTONS doesn't run on Mac, even though it builds. This needs to be debugged!



All of the needed libraries are available via Homebrew. First install brew (if not already available) by running the following command on a terminal window:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

External libraries

Once brew has been installed, run the following commands to install the following libraries:


PARTONS resides on GitLab; so to pull the sources from the repository you will need Git (not necessary if you download the source archives):

brew install git

CMake and Ant

Building PARTONS requires CMake. You can brew it as usual:

brew install cmake

Optionally, you can install Ant in order to take advantage of the build.xml files included with PARTONS. To do that, guess what?

brew install ant

Build and install PARTONS

From this point on, the tutorial becomes almost indistinguishable from the Linux tutorial, so you can switch to it for the rest (or if you want to use an IDE such as Eclipse, switch to the corresponding tutorial) and read the following section for troubleshooting specific to Mac.